A NOTE ABOUT COVID-19     The safety and well-being of our students, staff, and families are a top priority at SCCNS.  With this in mind we developed a thorough re-opening plan for September, 2020, linked HERE. Please know that given the dynamic nature of the world today, some processes and procedures may need to evolve; any updates will be communicated to our school community and shared here.

Our staff also created a robust virtual learning program this past year, to be used in the event that SCCNS needed to close for an extended period of time. Click HERE to see the framework for this program.


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Enrollment for the next school year begins in October.  Currently enrolled students and siblings are given priority during an initial registration period, beginning the second week of October. Registration opens to the community the following week. Parents of prospective students are encouraged to call the Director, Melissa DiCostanzo, at 914-723-2440 for an appointment to tour the school.


SCCNS is now utilizing Curacubby for online registration & tuition management.  Your completed online registration form along with the $800 deposit (outlined below) will secure your child’s spot in the program.


Tuition for the 2022 / 2023 school year is as follows:

2’s Program
2 day (Tu/Th): $3,280                      3 day (M/W/F): $4,300

3’s Program
2 day (Tu/Th): $3,350                      3 day (M/W/F): $4,350                      5 day (M-F): $5,500

4’s Program
5 day (M-F): $5,550

A payment of $800 is required at the time of registration ($300 is the non-refundable fee and $500 is a deposit toward tuition.) One half of the remaining balance is due on April 1st and the other half on November 1st. If a student withdraws and we are able to fill the vacancy, the school will reduce the obligation to pay the full tuition on a prorated basis from the time the vacancy is filled. Registration fees are non-refundable, and the school reserves the right to by-pass names on the waiting list in order to balance the boy/girl ratio.


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If your child is currently enrolled in SCCNS, please use the following instructions to confirm your information is accurate & complete, and to link a bank account and/or credit card to your account for deposits, tuition payments, and other payments or donations you may make to the school: Click HERE for Curacubby Setup Instructions for existing students

If your child is not yet enrolled in SCCNS, please contact Melissa DiCostanzo at 914-723-2440 or sccnschool@gmail.com for information on how to register using Curacubby.