facilities | scarsdale, nySCCNS children love arriving to our bright and spacious school, where the students’ colorful art projects line the hallways. Every child is assigned a cubby to keep their belongings, with a photo of them tucked inside to help them find their things. Most mornings parents and children congregate with teachers in front of the classrooms, exchanging warm and happy greetings, before saying goodbye.

SCCNS | Scarsdale, NYThere are four windowed, ground-level classrooms, many overlooking our two playgrounds, and a large, open room used for music, creative movement and indoor play.The playgrounds feature equipment intended to help the children have fun while stimulating gross motor development. Think: climbing and balance structures, slides, age-appropriate monkey bars, playhouses, pedal cars, and a sandbox. Best of all, one playground is geared to the children in our 2’s program, while the other is well-suited for our 3 and 4-year-olds.