We have two after-school enrichment options: arts and music or science and computers.

Art-&-MusicArt and Music

Music and Art is a program designed to give students a chance to explore art and music in greater depth. Each ten week session explores various aspects of art and music. We look at examples of artists’ works or the art of different cultures. We use these as an inspiration for our own artwork.

Every week, there is time for the children to come together for a story which relates to the season or the art and music that they have been exploring.

Each session ends with musical exploration with Ms. Gigi. Musical subjects include rhythm, various instruments, music of different cultures, or seasonal music.

Art Teacher: Ms. Cynthia DeBruin, Music Teacher: Ms. Gigi Keeffe Schwartzman

Science and Computers

SCCNS | Scarsdale, NYOur Fun with Computers and Science Program is a two part after school enrichment class. The Computer piece will introduce your child to computers, and offer the opportunity for successful learning as they explore a variety of educational software.

The science piece is designed to introduce children to all aspects of science using processing skills, like observations and prediction. Each session we will enjoy bite-sized, hands- on science through various fun activities and experiments.

The program meets once a week after school.

Head Teacher: Michele Santangelo, Assistant Teacher: Jackie Maldari

Fun with Cooking Class

The Fun with Cooking class provides children with a hands on experience that incorporates food preparation, developmentally appropriate learning objectives and food tasting.  

The SCCNS cooking class uses thematic books geared toward each individual cooking class.  The books that have been chosen will also expose the children to new literature. 

This class begins in May and runs for six weeks!