gallery13The Scarsdale Congregational Church Nursery School offers preschool programs for children who are two, three and four years old.

Each class offers a rich curriculum, appropriate to the age. Between the three classes, there are eight well-qualified teachers, a “hands on” Director and four specialists that complement classroom instruction.

A final important element of our program is the involvement of parents. The school is structured around the belief that the fullest value of pre-school can come only as parents are involved and growing, too.

The Nursery School Board is composed of parent volunteers and the Nursery School Director. Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in board activities as well as to attend Parents’ Night and other programs of interest.

Parents are most welcome to visit the school at any time. Just call us at (914) 723-2440 to arrange a visit.


Our Programs


The 4’s Program

Children in our 4’s class learn to express themselves, gain confidence and develop a love for learning.

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Inchworm Summer Program

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What is Inchworm?
Inchworm is a Monday through Friday, morning-only summer program at the Scarsdale Congregational Church Nursery School.

Who is eligible to attend Inchworm?
Children who will be entering a Threes or Fours class, as well as children entering kindergarten, in September 2020 are eligible.  Please note:  Your child must turn three years old by December 31, 2020 in order to attend Inchworm.  No exceptions will be made.

What are the program days and hours?
Inchworm is a four-day-a-week program—Mondays through Thursdays; there is no camp on Fridays.  The day begins at 9:15 a.m. with staggered dismissal at 11:45 a.m. for the younger children (2s and 3s) and 12:00 noon for the older children (4s and 5s).

When is Inchworm in session for Summer 2019?
Summer 2020 dates TBD

How are the children placed into groups at Inchworm?
Children are placed into one of two groups at Inchworm.  Generally, the two and three-year-old children are in one group and the four and five-year-old children are in another class.  Each class is limited to 18 children per week.

Who is the staff at Inchworm?
The director of the Inchworm program is Ms. Melissa DiCostanzo who is also our director at SCCNS.  We are fortunate that four of our school classroom teachers – Ms. Michele (4’s Head Teacher), Ms. Lauren (4’s Teacher), Ms. Jackie (3’s Head Teacher) and Ms. Cynthia (2’s Head Teacher) – will be returning this summer as our camp teachers.  Each group is staffed with two adults who are professionally certificated teachers.  We also have several high school student volunteer counselors who assist us during the summer.

What is the typical Inchworm day like?
Each day at Inchworm includes indoor play, arts and crafts, stories, games and snack.  In addition, there is a special activity every day, such as visits with the Nature of Things, music with Ms. Gigi, and gym activities with Jeannine Palermo.  There is also outdoor playground and sprinkler play, whenever the weather permits.img_3903

Each week at Inchworm features a different theme, such as pirates, camping, gardening, and sports.  The daily activities, crafts, and stories will be geared toward that week’s theme.

What is the tuition?
Tuition is $215.00 per week.

How many weeks am I required to register for?
There is a three-week minimum registration requirement (the three weeks do not have to be consecutive).

Can I delete or swap weeks for a refund once I have registered and paid for Inchworm?
No, Inchworm does not provide refunds.  Once you have registered for Inchworm and selected certain weeks, you cannot later delete, swap, or change weeks for a refund.  We begin planning, staffing, and purchasing supplies during the school year in order to prepare for our summer program.  Our preparations are based directly on the enrollment information provided during registration.

Because of our no refund policy, please be certain to register for weeks that you know your child will be able to attend.

Can I add additional weeks once I have registered?
Yes.  Before or during the summer, you may enroll your child for additional weeks of Inchworm.  However, because there is a limit of 18 children per class per week, we may not be able to accommodate your child additional weeks if we are already full.

When can I register for Summer 2018?
Currently enrolled SCCNS families have a priority registration period beginning in February 2020.  Later in February Inchworm registration opens to the public.

If my child attends SCCNS, do I still need to submit another medical record for Inchworm registration?
No.  If a current updated medical record is on file with SCCNS, then you do not need to submit a separate one for Inchworm.  However, the forms are only valid for one year.  If your child’s birthday falls in the spring or summer, you will need to submit an updated form to us.

Where can I get additional information?
Please feel free to contact Melissa DiCostanzo, Director of Inchworm, at or 914-723-2440.



Arts Education

The arts is a vital part of a young child’s growth and development so we make it a priority in our curriculum.

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We know the best time for a child to learn another language is in the first three to four years of life.

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