A graduate of Columbia University and a veteran marketing research professional, Lauren found her passion for preschool education when she took time off to raise her two boys.  After 6 years as a mom at SCCNS, Lauren brings her inquisitive nature and creative spirit to the school as a teacher in the 4’s. As a parent, valued substitute at the school and Inchworm teacher, she has found ways to weave learning experiences into fun and inventive projects.  Her nurturing approach and love of celebrating the seasons and holidays brings great enrichment to the program.  Lauren’s top priorities for the 4’s include readiness for kindergarten and parent-teacher communication. Lauren lives in Edgewood with her husband, Jayme, and their sons, Alexander and Miles.  She is an active member of the Edgewood PTA and enjoys exploring the outdoors, baking and reading in her free time. Lauren says, “I have always been excited by the curiosity and enthusiasm of the children.”